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3 Unexpected Luxury Modern Powder Room Design Ideas With Major Impact

Just like your entryway (which we took on in this post), the powder bath is about making a first impression on your guests and making them feel comfortable and welcome. We’re turning our attention here to luxury modern powder room design ideas that make a big impact.

Is your powder room truly reflective of who you are today, as opposed to who you were when you first moved in? If not, you can do something about it. And it doesn't have to be something grand to make your guests excited to go wash their hands every time they come over!

But it truly is the one room in the house where you can go more avant garde, plus you can get a lot out of your investment in terms of style - and why not?! Even if you have a more traditional home, with these ideas, you can go more modern in the powder bath while making it feel connected and cohesive with the rest of the home.

First and foremost, make a strong statement with a chunky stone vanity

A calming modern powder room design with a chunky stone vanity and offset lighting.
Image via Instagram @hollywright_design_ Builder: @bedbrockdevelopers Architect: @drewettworks Photo: @jeffzaruba

No matter what, the vanity is probably going to be the focal point of your powder room and we think it should be unique. We love the idea of letting the vanity top do all the statement-making work in a modern powder room instead of relying on an ornate vanity cabinet.

Big, chunky, chiseled or petrified stone is absolutely gorgeous, as are honed or polished options. A 4” or greater profile is the way to go to achieve high impact and a sense of luxurious simplicity. We especially love the seamless look of an integrated sink in the same material as the vanity, especially in smaller spaces.

Floating vanities in particular look amazing and fresh right now. There's an ease about this kind of simple, straightforward design. And since there’s llittle need for storage in the powder room, you don’t have to worry about the practicalities of opting out of cabinets or shelving under the sink. That being the case, we do like a place to land on the vanity for a small vase of flowers, a handtowel and a lovely candle.

While we appreciate a nice pedestal sink, we usually prefer a space that offers more function for your guests so they can put their phone or their purse down without worrying they’re going to fall into the sink! There’s a lot going on in the powder rooms pictured here, but notice how there’s something calming and grounded about the scale and the visual weight of the stone vanities. They truly ‘make the room!’

Choose offest lighting for drama

Custom concrete vanity in a luxury modern powder room design
Design and Image via Image via Instagram @lucasinterior

You already know lighting can be a statement-making focal point in any space. By opting for asymmetry in lighting where symmetry is by far the most-used option, you’ll increase its impact tenfold. In a main bath, balanced, even lighting is a must for functionality. But in the powder room, you have a unique opportunity to abandon convention in this area, as well. Create a dramatic, artistic moment with offset lighting in the form of a single pendant or sconce, either on its own for a moody look or pair it with a ceiling light for greater brightness.

Rethink statement mirrors

For modern powder rooms, it’s sleekness and simplicity–not ornate details–that count when it comes to making a statement with mirrors. In smaller spaces, we like a wall-to-wall, counter-to-ceiling mirror. The scale alone makes a strong statement while also visually opening things up and creating the illusion of a larger space.

A chunky stone vanity and round statement mirror featured in a luxury modern bathroom design
Image via IK Home Pros

That said, round mirrors are also a super fun option. We’re loving full- and partial-round mirrors lately and we’re seeing them more and more (in fact, we look forward to sharing more about these in a future post!).

By thinking of your powder room’s mirror as more of a sculptural element than a functional item, you’ll open yourself up to impactful options you may not have considered before.

Whether you apply all three of these modern powder room ideas to completely transform your space or pick just one to update a more traditional powder bath, you’ll make a major impact in this small, all-too-often overlooked space.

And of course, if you’d like expert help making a personal style statement with your powder room, reach out to us!

Chiseled stone vanity in a luxury modern powder room design
Design by Studio Life/Style; Image via Desire To Inspire


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