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For Robin, design is about far more than aesthetics. It’s about people - what they love, what makes them tick, and how they live in their homes. With over thirty years of experience in the design industry, Robin excels in discerning her clients’ needs and crafting beautiful, livable spaces that reflect their uniqueness and embody the feeling of ‘home’ for them. This commitment to creating inspired interiors “from the inside out” is the driving force behind Robin Heard Design. 


Robin approaches her clients’ homes as sanctuaries where physical, mental, and emotional wellness and rejuvenation are central to her vision for the design. Using the clients themselves as her primary inspiration, her ‘muse,’ she develops creative, stylish solutions for how they live today along within a timeless foundation that can evolve with them over time through simple changes like pillows and paint color.


Putting the clients’ hearts and minds, values and passions first, Robin taps into the deepest parts of who they are inside with the spaces she creates for them. This innovative approach to design continues to yield groundbreaking results - home designs that provide sanctuary for her clients, mind, body, and soul.


Robin holds a degree in Fashion Design from the Fashion Institute of Technology, New York.

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Our Approach

Our number one goal is to create environments that make you feel supported and inspired. To achieve that, we do more than just implement your ideas. We help expand on them, on your tastes, and on your needs. In the end, you get spaces that go far beyond what you ever imagined.



Recent Project Reveals

“With every meeting, every decision, and every recommendation she made, we felt reassured that with Robin on the job, our budget was well spent on superior quality products and services. If you are looking for someone with a warm, personal touch to transform your home, we couldn’t recommend Robin highly enough!”

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